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   Cyanotypes for Sale

Cyanotype is an old photographic printing process that produces prints in a distinctive dark blue.


The process was invented in 1842 by the astronomer and scientist Sir John Herschel to reproduce his notes. His friend Anna Atkins used the process to create images by placing objects on photosensitive paper. She is regarded as the first photographer to use the cyanotype for artistic purposes.


Cyanotype printing is a very simple process. It uses the sun and iron salt solutions. Neither camera nor darkroom is needed, and prints can be produced on a range of surfaces.


To vary the colour and tone of the prints, I have occasionally experimented with various substances from concentrated tea and coffee to turmeric, vinegar and soap bubbles.


My knowledge of plants (and particularly those we call weeds) is limited, so descriptions are often vague.

The prints on sale here are unique and are priced individually, from £8.00 to £50.00. They can be collected locally from Kentish Town or posted. P&P is £4.00- £6.00, depending on size of print. Payments can be made online to my agent or paid on collection fromKentish Town.

If you wish to buy a print or have any questions, please email me:

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