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Listed Houses, Schools, Churches, Shops, & Monuments

Junior Pugin House

Junior Pugin House, Fortess Road. Designed by Edward Piugin as the vicarage for the church that was then next door.

The Boston Pub, Tufnell Park
St Albans Villas

St Albans Villas, Highgate Road. Great view overlooking Parliament Hill

10 Ivor Street

Private house, Ivor Street, NW1

Assembly House, Kentish Town Rd
Karl Marx's house

Karl Marx's house, 46 Grafton Terrace. A few years ago, when the house was on the market, the owner asked the estate agent not to mention that Karl Marx had lived there. No plaque.

Kentish Town Police Station

Police Station, Holmes Road

Pineapple Pub 2.jpg

The Pineapple Pub with summer hanging baskets

Lamp post in St Pancras Almhouses

Southampton Road

The Bull & Last, Highgate Road
Postmen's Sorting Office, LeightonRd
Zabludowicz Collection

Former Methodist Church in Prince of Wales Road. Now a popular art gallery.

RC Priory Church of St Dominic
Forum 2
Fitzroy Terrace, Highgate Road
Our Lady Help of Christians,

Our Lady Help of Christians, Lady Margaret Road.

Gate & arch at La Sainte Union
Kentish Town Swimming Baths
French School, Holmes Road
Sewer vent pipe, Parliament Hill

The famous Blustons clothes shop in Kentish Town Road. Closed April 2015.

Apostolic church, Highgate Road
Apostolic Church 2, Highgate Road
98 Fortess Road
St Pancras on lamp post Inverness St
Pawnbroker, Kentish Town Rd
66  Leighton Rd
64 Leighton Rd.jpg
24 Leighton Rd.jpg
'Crazy' St Martin's Church
Telephone box, Highgate Rd
70 Leighton Road_edited.jpg
Grove House

Grove House, Highgate Road

Campden Hill Sq in June
Telephone box, Laurier Road
The Pineapple, Leverton Street

Pineapple in spring

Railings, Leverton Street
Leverton Street
Kentish Town Police Station
Grove Terrace, Highgate Road
Terrace, Fortess Rd
Telephone box, Prince of Wales Rd
St Silas the Martyr

St Silas Place, off Prince of Wales Road

St Pancras Almshouses, S'hampton Rd
St Luke's, Osney Crescent
St Benet's, Lupton Street
Southampton House, Highgate Rd
Rhyl Primary School, Rhyl Street
Junior Pugin House, Fortess Rd
Prince of Wales Rd Terrace
Mistley, Essex
Mistley, Essex/2
Little Green Street
Little Green St/2
Leverton Street
Kelly Street/1
Kelly Street/2
Kelly Street/3
Kelly St & Mario's
The Forum, Highgate Road
La Sainte Union, Highgate Rd
37 Leighton Rd
7-9-11 Leverton St
1-7 Highgate Road
Greek Orthodox Church, Kentish Town
96 Fortess Road
68 Leighton Rd.jpg
68 & 70 Highgate Road.jpg
Bull & Gate, Highgate Road
123-125 Camden Road
Fitzroy Terrace, Highgate Road
Terrace, Fortess Road
64 Highgate Road
66 Highgate Rd
28a & b Leighton Road (also 28).jpg
22 Leighton Rd
1a Leverton Place
1 Leverton St
20 Leighton Road
Terrace, Fortess Road
Leverton St/2
The Bull & Gate, Highgate Road
3 Leverton Street
1 Leverton St/2
27 Leighton Road
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